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Cicadas and Spittlebugs
Leaf Beetles
Longhorned and Scarab Beetles
Leaffooted Bugs
Stink Bugs and Assassin Bugs
Lady and Tortoise Beetles
Location where All Photos were taken.
Last Update: 8/28/2015
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     All photographs were taken in Liberty, Polk, Tyler, and Hardin counties in East Texas. The majority of the photos were
    taken within the borders of various units in the Big Thicket National Preserve. The photos shown include a lot of species
    that can be found in eastern North America from Mexico to Canada.
      Only our photos are shown on this site. We try to take pictures of the critters in the natural state without catching them.
    We do use a light set-up to attract moths and will get other critters in the process. Experts all over the U.S. assist us in
    getting the I.D.'s shown. A lot of the critters do not have a common name and scientific classification is used to get
    an answer.