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All photographs were taken in Liberty, Polk, Tyler, and
Hardin counties in East Texas. The photos were taken
within, or along the borders of, the Big Thicket National
Preserve. The photos include species that can be found
in the eastern United States from Mexico to Canada.
Experts all over the U.S. assist us in getting the I.D.'s shown.
When a critter does not have a common name, scientific
classification is used to get an answer. Getting to a Genus
from a photo can usually be done. A lot of the time,
identification to a species level is just not possible.
This site uses "mouse over text" to display common names
when known. We show a helpful hint below for Apple
users to get full benefit of the information provided.
Only our photos are shown on this site. We try to take photos
of the critters where they  are, sitting, standing, or moving,
without catching them. We often use a light set-up of
flourescent/Led/UV bulbs to see what we can attract.
We did catch and release the fish.
If you find something you can not identify, we may be able to point you in the right direction. We need a good photo,
description of where the photo was taken, and we expect you to research it and give a best guess.