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Big Thicket Visitors Center Outside Kountze, TX
Entrance Sundew Trail
Walking Bridge over Creek on Kirby Trail
Parking & Entrance @ Big Sandy Trail
Turkey Creek Trail Entrance, OFINT6
Official Boundary Marker
Neches Bottom & Jack Gore Baygall Unit
Big Thicket Savannah
Pitcher Plant
Seen several times, probable wasp gall
Nymph on Flower
Some place to land at my light setup.
A Bug Magnet Weed
Sand or Water?
Aphid Nymphs
A gathering
Clown Weevil Mating during a Shower
8/21/2017 Eclipse(3 holes in a piece of paper)
When they were not fighting, they were feeding.
Frog for Breakfast
Feeding Frenzy
A good hiding place
Lightening hit this one, OFINT2
Something is trying to hide at the bottom of the pool.
Something is in the Brush
Good guard critter for your water bottle.
Cricket Frog Hanging Out on a Foggy December day.
In the cool shade of the early morning, OFINT11
Maybe the same pair, about a week later at the same location.
A Beavers Work
Our Favorite Tools
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Common Violet Flower, BLVIFL1
Primrose Leaf Violet Plant, FLFN1
Primrose Leaf Violet (very small flower approx. 3/8
Partridgeberry Flowering Plant, FLFN2
Partridgeberry Flower, FLFN2A
Yellow Star Grass Flower, FLGR1A
Yellow Star Grass, FLGR1
Pitcher Plant, PITCHPL1
Parsly Hawthorne, PARHAW1
Leaves and Berries of Large Dogwood Tree
tbd Fern, FERN2
Sensitive Fern, FERN1
Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)
Passion Flower Fruit
tbd Fungus, FUNG3
tbd, FUNG4
tbd, FUNG5
tbd, FUNG6
TBD Mushroom, MSHR1
TBD Mushroom, MSHR2
Boletus Mushroom, MSHR3
Amanita flavoconia, MSHR4
Ganoderma sp., MSHR8
Basidiomycota, FUNG2
Russula sp., MSHR5
tbd Mushroom, MSHR6
Cantharellus sp., MSHR7
tbd, MSHR9
tbd, MSHR10
Devils Urn, FUNG1
Extremely rare Albino Plant, probably persimmon.
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Cardinal Flower Plant, ORCH1
Cardinal Flower, ORCH1A
Wild Azalea Plant, WIAZPL1
Wild Azalea Flower, WIAZFL1
Mallo sp. Flower, FLOWER1
Common Violet Plant, BLVIPL1
A Few of the Larger Animals of the Big Thicket in East Texas
Otter on the hunt
Band of Brothers or Sisters
Beaver taking a Rest
Beaver back on the Move after resting
Raccoon, RACOON1
Striped Skunk on the Run
A Small Herd
This one saw me first, taken at about 100 ft. away
In the heat of the day about 100 F, OFINT31
Cottontail Rabbit, RABB1
Cottontail Rabbit
Unknown, Possible Norway Rat or Woodrat
Rufinesque's big-eared Bat(Corynorhinus rufinesquii)
Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat
Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat
Southern Flying Squirrel
Southern Flying Squirrel
Opossum playing possum
Eastern Mole
Eastern Mole
For Later Use
Canine Skull, Possible Coyote
Rodent/Rat Skull
Racoon tracks
Deer tracks
Bobcat Track, No claw marks
Back Foot on Front Foot, Striped Skunk
Canine Track, Possible Coyote
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Skulls & Tracks Found While Hiking in the Big Thicket of East Texas
Flowering Plants & Mushrooms in the Big Thicket of East Texas
INTERESTING PHOTOS of the Big Thicket in East Texas
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Seminole Bat (Lasiurus seminolus) found dead a few days after a strong wind/lightening storm, April 2019