On a computer with a mouse, the mouse pointer can be moved over something that causes additional information
    to be displayed. This can happen when you haven't clicked on anything. On most mobile devices, you can not mouse over.
    You can tap or double tap. You can short hold and long hold. And you can swipe and pinch.

      Bigthicketcritters.com uses mouse over to provide information including link descriptions, common names of critters,
    and general comments. Not all images have it, but a lot do. To get the most out of the site when using ipad or iphone, you
    can try a method used to activate mouse over effects. It uses a bookmarklet. There are a few steps to follow as shown below
    for an ipad.

    The code for the bookmarklet is shown at the bottom of this page.

    1)  Bookmark this web page, or any webpage, but when doing so change the title of the bookmark to "Alt Text" when you save it.
    2)  Use the bookmark button to get to where you edit "Alt Text".
    3)  Delete all the URL and replace it with the code below. If you are using an ipad, you can copy
        and paste the code. No need to type it in.
    4)  Close out and save the revised "Alt Text".

      It is now ready. Open www.bigthicketcritters.com, then go to your bookmarks and tap on the "Alt Text".
      Nothing visible will happen.  Go back to www.bigthicketcritters.com and try it. We found that if you press and hold
      on an image, then let go immediately after a color change, you will see additional information. Unfortunately it is not
      perfect and you will be sent to a linked page or image, if there is one, regardless if you want to or not. And you need
      to activate the bookmarklet each time you go to a different page.

     We have personally tested this on mini ipad with Safari . It is our understanding that it works with several apple
    products. And it works for any site with information displayed on mouse over.
Apple Users Mouseover Effect