Our Photography Approach

Our photography subjects are critters in the wild of East Texas. They are always perfectly cooperative. When we raise our camera for a shot, they move just enough to get in the perfect light conditions, they orient themselves to an ideal angle, then stop and hold that position. They also remain in that position for an extended length of time. Mother nature recognizes that we are taking photos. The wind ceases and the sun lights perfectly on our subject. Nothing we do disturbs the critter, moving about, adjusting flash, changing lenses, etc. The camera gods are providing inspiration.

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Snake Encounters and What To Do When You Find One

Having a snake cross in front of you can startle you a bit. When you spot one and give it plenty of ground, it is usually not a big deal. When you do not see them, all of the sudden you spot one and have to jump to keep from stepping on it, then your blood really gets to pumping. We know that experience quite well, having done it a few times.

The information below is based on our experience out in the field. General information is provided that should be of use to those who really get out in the backcountry.

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Big Thicket National Preserve

The preserve is interesting in many ways. A few of the key things to be aware of are discussed below.

The Big Thicket National Preserve is made up of many different units over quite a large area. It is not one large area to explore. There can be a bit of driving to get from one trailhead to the next. It takes several days to see all the trails. Most of the roads are good, however, to get down some of the roads, a four wheel drive vehicle can be needed. It usually depends on river/creek flooding and if the roads have been repaired.

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Howdy from East Texas,

We have noticed that daily requests are made to review our blog. Until today, 7/10/2017 we did not have one. From time to time, we intend to post details about any special finds and updates about visits to our website. In addition, we intend to reply to questions related to our site. Of late, the most frequently visited pages on our site are the non-venomous snakes, caterpillars, and stink bugs.

If you have something site related that you would like more information about, leave a comment under this post. We will see what we can do.