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      The majority of the photos shown on this site represent species that can be found in the Central and Eastern
    United States, from Mexico to Canada. However, the locations where the photos were taken is  specific. ALL
    PHOTOGRAPHS were taken in Liberty, Polk, Tyler, and Hardin counties in East Texas. The majority of the
    photos were taken within the borders of various units in the Big Thicket National Preserve.
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Dragonflies and Damselflies
Longhorned & Scarab Beetles
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Life in the Water
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Interesting Photos & a Few Plants
        Only our photos are shown on this site. We make every effort to take pictures of the critters where they
    are, in the natural state, without catching them. We do use a light set-up to attract moths, and will get other
    critters in the process.(Even the fish were released, alive, after the photos were taken)
      The common and scientific names shown on this site are as accurate as we can make them. We rely on
    experts all over the U.S. to assist us in identifying the rarely observed critters. We recommend that you do
    your own verification.  A lot of the insects out in the thicket do not have a common name and you have to go to
    scientific classification to get an answer. If you get to a genus level from a photo, consider it a job well done.
Leaf Beetles
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The Strange & Unusual
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Leaf-Footed Bugs and Other True Bugs
Lady & Tortoise Beetles
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      Your best source for Big Thicket National
    Preserve information is the visitor center near
    Kountze, Texas. They have a modern facility with
    good information, books for sale, and a friendly
    staff. (See NPS Link)
Roaches, Ticks, Aphids,  & Arachnids
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Beetles of Various Families
Last Update: 4/20/2015
All photos were taken in East Texas, see highlighted area.
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